Raffles and Yarn

I am always fantastically surprised when my name is drawn out of a hat. And as I walk up to claim my prize, I always imagine receiving grand things like portable DVD players and plasma TVs. But alas, when I reach the stage, I am handed, not a new MacBook, but a bouquet of plastic flowers or a $3 stack of sticky notes or a packet of bobby pins. How festive.

But the night of graduation, when my name appeared magically on the drawn raffle ticket, I was shocked to be presented with a beautiful array of potential prizes: a coffee maker/cake mixer/smoothie blender set, iPod speakers, a Coach handbag, and an iPod nano. I chose the latter, and being the complete luddite that I am, have recently become glued to my MacBook, trying desperately to understand just how iTunes works. Through many laborious hours of tampering with high-tech equipment, I have managed to get a few CDs worth of music onto the sleek accessory.

But the chicness of my new possession made me all the more nervous. What if I dropped it? What if it got scratched? What if I was jogging with it and it, because of its slim beauty, slipped through my fingers and hit the concrete and shattered into infinitesimally small shards? So to protect my delicate piece of technology, I crocheted a snug little case for it.

I used some Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice yarn that I had leftover from a set of cupcakes I crocheted for a friend’s birthday. I think it came out quite nice.

My mom liked it, at least, and suggested that I knit one for my aunt, who just recently purchased an iPod Nano, so I whipped one up in a fuschia/chocolate combination. It’s not quite finished (note the stray strand of yarn and lack of a button), but this is what I have so far.

I might crochet a few more and make them different sizes and such to accommodate for different iPods. I think they make cute little last-minute presents.


~ by thechanster on 11:26 pm, Tuesday, May 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “Raffles and Yarn”

  1. Hello, I’d like to place an order for an ipod protector please. Thank you. On On, even though you’re so new to modern day technology, I can’t believe you are able to make your blog look so darn cool. You and Ivan obviously got the artistic gene.

    Anyway, as I was reading your blog, I thought of a cool name that for it that I wanted to share with you:
    Seasons of CHANge
    I dunno. It actually sounded a lot cooler in my head.

    Congrats on graduating! Your graduation speech was Obama-esque. Job well done!

  2. Thank you, Edward biu gaw!! (for both the blog compliments and the graduation speech compliments) The only problem with the title “Seasons of CHANge” is that this theme doesn’t allow me to write out capitalizations and stuff on the webpage. So essentially, it’d just look like “seasons of change,” which is confusing because I don’t really talk about anything remotely related to seasons of change. Otherwise, it would be an awesome title, both in and out of your head. I’ve actually grown to like the title “blog of chan.” Especially when it’s said out loud in a deep, monotone voice channelling Darth Vader. And I’ll get on the iPod case as soon as I finish the other 103857 projects I’ve promised people. Meanwhile, do you have any color preferences?

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