Cravings for Photography

I want to take photography. Or read a book on photography. Or just play around with photography. In any case, I am enthralled by the concept of it, how it captures life, how it freezes time, how it preserves moments. I dream of a day in which I need not take a dozen pictures just to get one reasonable shot. Why is it that I spend half an hour just to get a couple acceptable photos of my yarnified goods? Maybe it’s my humble digital camera. Maybe it’s my inability to work with technology. Maybe I’m overanalyzing it all. So, what does it take to be a good photographer? A keen eye? A good camera? A perfect day?

Now that I have thoroughly exhausted and overused triads of parallel structure, I’m finally getting to the point. Unfortunately, I don’t think that my poor Nikon Coolpix S200 can handle what I want to do with photography. I don’t want to be just some crazy Asian who takes pictures of everything. I want to take crazy awesome pictures of everything. And with my Coolpix, I’m getting annoyed with the delay in shutter time, the minute-long flashes, and counting to 10 for pictures instead of the traditional 1-2-3. So this is where I need your help. I’ve been looking online for some spiffy tourist-style black cameras. You know, the kind that looks like they’re film when they’re really digital. I didn’t know quite where to begin, but my dad bought a Nikon a good few years ago, and it’s still working beautifully. So I trust Nikons. Reasonable enough, so far?

So I did a search for Nikons. From what I gather from my search, it seems that what I am actually looking for is a digital SLR camera. (Please keep in mind that I have no clue what I’m doing, so feel free to criticize my spontaneous craving for photography.) I don’t want to have my parents buy it because a) they were the ones who got me the Coolpix a mere few months ago, b) they just bought me a new MacBook, c) they’ll be paying for my $50,000-per-year college education starting in the Fall, and d) they’ve paid for EVERYTHING in my life thus far. Since I’ve never bought anything with my own self-earned money before (largely because I’ve never had a job before, and therefore no self-earned money), I would love to finally get a job and save up for one of these fancy digital SLR cameras.

However, this means that it has to be relatively affordable. Nothing ridiculous like $10,000. Preferably under, say, $750. So I looked on the Nikon website and it seems that there are a few makes that fall in this price range: D40, D40X, and D60. I read some reviews and the D60 seems to be most highly recommended, though many say that it is not much of an upgrade from the D40X. As for the D40, I am very new to the world of photography and it is, apparently, harder to focus because of the lack of a motor lens (or something similar). So, should I shoot for the D60? Or are the extra features not worth the $125 more than the D40X? Or should I tread the waters of the D40 and try photography in a more manual fashion? And then there’s the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi… And the Olympus E-510… Help?? I have so much to learn! But it will all be worthwhile in the end, I think. How cool would it be to tote around one of these?


~ by thechanster on 12:42 am, Saturday, May 31, 2008.

2 Responses to “Cravings for Photography”

  1. I must say that I too am currently enthralled with photography though not to quite the degree that you are. I too have been looking at cameras around town and on the internet and I can tell you this: I have a Nikon right now and I have had many issues with it (although I must say that it is just a Coolpix)! When I turn it to take longer pictures, the screen turns black. I can’t get it to take photos fast enough and sport mode doesn’t work in the dark. Although I have quiet a few nice photos from my simple digital there are many that are not so great. If you do end up trying to find a digital SLR or something else in the future I would recommend looking at and reading reviews for each camera. Good luck on your camera hunt!

    PS Your film camera is taking wonderful photos! Where are you getting the film developed?

  2. Hey Nadine!

    My Nikon Coolpix has the same problems you mentioned: it’s slow and is terrible in areas of low lighting. But it has cooperated with me enough to produce all of the pictures I have posted on this blog so far! I haven’t officially played with the Minolta yet, though… I may have been misleading somewhere in my posts, but all the pictures here are digital! I’m actually relatively impressed with the feedback I’m getting just from my humble photographs taken with my point-and-shoot! =) I hope you find a camera and I will definitely do some careful researching on and the like before I purchase a digital SLR!

    PS Even though I haven’t developed any photos yet, I’m planning on going to Costco… They seem to be quite reliable and consistently good. Well, toodles!

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