Just Because

I love romantic comedies. The cute couples, the predictable plotlines, the happy endings. But when I watched Something New today, tears just kept streaming out of my eyes and down my already-sodden cheeks, droplets salty on my tongue. The movie wasn’t sad, and didn’t warrant a uncontrollable burst of tear ducts. Nevertheless, there I was, eyes red and puffy. And as the scenes rolled on and off the screen, all I could think of was how much I missed him. So this is to you, the most intelligent, handsome, wonderful guy I have ever, ever had the privilege of meeting: a sonnet you’ve read before, nearly a year ago, that means just as much now as it did then.

I wish to feel your palm upon my waist,
To feel the comfort of your hand in mine,
And feel our bodies warm in tight embrace,
Yet distance not to make my love decline. 

I want to hear the music of your voice,
To listen to the beating of your heart,
And hearken to the sound of lips rejoice,
With only borders keeping us apart.

I long to see you laugh, and cry, and smile,
To gaze into your eyes so soft and sweet,
To look at you, I’d walk two thousand miles,
For without you, I’m simply incomplete.

I love you as the desert skies are blue,
But here I am alone, and missing you.


~ by thechanster on 1:41 am, Monday, June 2, 2008.

3 Responses to “Just Because”

  1. That is an amazing, beautiful, cute sonnet. And soooo sweet.

    And it made me jealous.

  2. And I, too, am obsessed with romantic comedies. Despite their predictability. They’re just always…so feel-good. And I love crying over a good book or movie. Maybe that is weird, but there it is…

  3. sorry for leaving a large string of comments on a post that is clearly not directed towards me…

    I also wanted to add, just to make me seem even weirder, I guess, that I actually get annoyed and dissatisfied when I don’t cry during a “moving” moment of a book or movie. I guess in some way it subconsiously proves to me that I was not involved enough in the characters to care enough to give them my tears, and it was not well-written enough to involve me in that way…typical of me, isn’t that? psychoanalyzing myself?

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