Photographically Lost

After a grueling few days of trying to get university essays written, searching for a job, and reading the user manual of the Minolta, I have submitted all my forms, have remained jobless, and have nearly memorized the manual by heart. No job means no digital SLR camera, but so be it. For now, the Minolta’s keeping me entertained enough, even though film has yet to come into the picture. I may find time this weekend to pop over to the drugstore and purchase a roll or so of film, the first stepping stone in my journey as a photographer. But I think that before I troop off and take snapshots, I should at least brainstorm about possible themes, locations, subjects, and the like. Suggestions?


~ by thechanster on 5:17 pm, Friday, June 6, 2008.

2 Responses to “Photographically Lost”

  1. Either do something naturally beautiful or capture some memories that may be quirky and weird but are beautiful to you for the story behind them–after all you are going to Stanford and leaving here–you have just come to a major threshold in your life, delineating your past from the life you will make for yourself in the future…you will never be a highschooler again–so maybe you should capture the memories before they slip away, fading until they disappear into insignificance compared to the new and exciting memories you will have in the future. Capture those moments that you do not want to forget…

  2. Nice pun. “…even though film has yet to come into the picture…” hehe

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