Playing with Macro

I am jobless. And my mom disapproves of saving up for a digital SLR. So I guess that just leaves my Nikon Coolpix S200 point-and-shoot and the Minolta for another few months at least. Perhaps then I can convince her that a digital SLR is like an early birthday present… that I will be buying for myself. If I find money, that is. I think the optimum way of earning money would be to tutor math because I’m completely addicted to math. But tutoring is hard over the summer. No business. So maybe I should just sit on a street corner holding a worn piece of cardboard with “Will Integrate For Food” haphazardly scrawled in peeling black paint.

But perhaps a better use of my time would be simply to make use of the photographic resources I have right now. Over the last few days, I have been experimenting with the macro feature of my point-and-shoot at random, infrequent times. But my first attempt proved to be one of the blandest pictures in the history of my camera. Note to self: never photograph a camera case against beige corduroy and expect a good shot.

In the next shot, I upgraded to a brown paper bag, which I actually think turned out quite well (comments and criticisms and suggestions welcome, as always!). I think it’d be interesting to play with the colors and see what it does for the overall effect of the picture sometime. But for now, I’m sticking to the colors that came out on my camera. And I’d have to say, for a point-and-shoot, this photograph has damn good color contrast.

A few days after I took the pictures above, I was at Sauce, a pizzeria that features amazing thin-crusted pizzas and delicious salads. There was a salt and pepper shaker in front of me–you know, one of those with the salt on top and whole pepper grains on the bottom with a built-in grinder. Being the ridiculously easily amused person that I am, I was fascinated by the pepper grinder. It wasn’t that I had never seen one of these things before… I just LOVE the gritty feel of grinding pepper. By the time I decided that it was enough pepper-grinding for one day, there was so much pepper on my plate that I sneezed through the rest of the meal. And to remember the experience of exhausting this salt and pepper shaker, I took a picture of it. I used macro, but it doesn’t look quite as “macro” as I would have liked.

My dad says that he has a really good macro lens for the Minolta. Maybe some experiments with Minolta’s rendition of macro will be on their way. This calls for a hiking trip. Just so I can photograph the wildflowers.


~ by thechanster on 8:54 pm, Sunday, June 8, 2008.

4 Responses to “Playing with Macro”

  1. Not to fond of the camera case picture, seems a little to much lighting dulls the look of the case.

    The brown paper bag picture is good, I like the blur on the first handle, the focus on the rest of the bad and the blur of the background.

    The salt and pepper shaker I have only one problem with, put the salt in the foreground and the pepper in the background :).

  2. hahaha “Will integrate for food,” Charlotte, may get you some unexpected requests…you can get some other meanings there that you might not want….hahahahahaha

    I agree with “B” above–I also REALLY like the brown paper bag shot–the color and the focus contrasts are really good.

  3. Bag picture:
    The composition is interesting, but the gigantic blur is very distracting. Maybe if you had moved out a little, or gone from a different angle? It’s an interesting idea, but it makes me rub my eyes.
    The Salt, Pepper, and Pepper (does it have another name?):
    I like. It’s very simple. The up and looking down angle is funny though. Another rub my eyes thingy.

  4. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

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