Celebrations and Reminiscences

As my blog reaches and exceeds 1000 hits, I feel the need to both celebrate this milestone and reminisce the things that used to be. Four years ago, I started journaling, dutifully scribing my life into pages and pages of diaries and notebooks. But when I started blogging, suddenly my journaling habits disappeared into oblivion, and I went from writing up to seven pages a day to a few pages a week. It saddens me to see my journals shoved away, demoted to a lower priority by this new-age, high-tech blog. So I have made a pact with myself to make an effort to keep journaling, even as my blog keeps growing.

But forget the journals for now… 1000 hits calls for celebration! Yay! To all my readers: keep coming and commenting! Every hit and comment I get makes my day 100 percent better! Thank you!


~ by thechanster on 8:49 am, Sunday, June 15, 2008.

6 Responses to “Celebrations and Reminiscences”

  1. Thanks for the link!
    The brownies blow look terrific.

    The World’s Gaze


  2. ,,, the brownies BELOW not blow!!!!!

  3. Charlotte, your jounrnaling discipline and prolificness (is that even a word?) makes me feel inadequate =) And then you have a blog too, are amazing at music AND math. And it’s not even that you have a journal and a blog, but you ARE actually tremendous writer. You are also an amazingly beautiful, loving, cheerful person and one of the best friends I have ever had. It’s simply not fair for one person to be that amazing.

  4. *ARE actually A tremendous writer, unlike me clearly haha

  5. No problem, Faramineaux! I love your blog!

    Veronica, you’re just too sweet. Strictly less than three!!!!!!!! But I do think you’re overestimating my writing skills, as well as my proficiency in music and math. Nevertheless, thank you!!!! I love you, Veronica!!!!!!!! And I also haven’t seen you in, like, three weeks. This calls for a hang-out. When are you free? Perhaps I’ll send you an email or something… It seems odd to have a conversation about plans and stuff through a public blog…

  6. hahaha strictly less than three to you too! I will comment on your massive influx of new posts when I get more sleep and can be coherent.

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