Ahh, Lens!

I’ve loaded my third roll of film and very much look forward to another set of experimental photos! Except this time, I’m throwing in more lens! My dad has a some good lens that I fully intend to use in my explorations of photography. He has a telephoto (70-200mm zoom, I believe), a wide-angle, and a MACRO!!!!!! If it wasn’t already clear by the use of capitalization, I’m especially excited to take the macro out for a test shoot! I love macro. And I’m pretty sure my love for it is an extension of my love for very, very short depths of field. The telephoto may have to wait until I learn how to properly use a tripod, but for now, I have macro and wide-angle to keep me occupied!! I’m so excited!!!! Stay tuned for more!! Also, my second roll of film should be coming back sometime (I believe my mom took it to get developed this morning), and I’m anxious—in both senses of the word—to see what will happen!


~ by thechanster on 12:42 pm, Tuesday, June 17, 2008.

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