DIY: Transform Old Calendars into Wall Art!

I used to buy a wall calendar at the start of each new year. I loved the photography, the art, and the entire idea of having a different masterpiece for each month of the year. Problem was, when it was time to start a new calendar, I could not bring myself to dispose of the old one. And so year after year, my stock of old calendars piled up, shoved haphazardly in the back of my closet. I felt like such a hypocrite: to refuse to discard them, yet treat them like trash anyway. But I soon forgot about them. That is, until now.

Yesterday, I cleaned my room. Excavated, more like. And out from the deep, dark depths lay my deserted calendar collection. I reminisced about photographs that had been long lost, the ones I had loved so much. And then I had an idea. I could frame them!

So I dug out half a dozen 12″ x 12″ frames that I had bought on sale at Michael’s a while ago and fitted them with six of my favorite calendar photos.

After some careful consideration, I lay them out on my carpet in two rows of three.

I can just imagine them on my wall: a gallery of recycled black-and-white calendar photographs. And even though I will be heading off to college in the Fall, at least I can come home to a room with a wall of framed little piglets.


~ by thechanster on 9:59 am, Wednesday, June 18, 2008.

4 Responses to “DIY: Transform Old Calendars into Wall Art!”

  1. Isn’t that shot of the pig looking out of the basket a great image? :)

  2. sooo amazing! i love calendar art! =)

  3. My dorm walls are decorated with calendar art! I have been doing this since infancy…I remember my playroom wall back in preschool was covered with calendar art…perhaps because my mom wouldn’t give me anything more valuable to decorate with, haha

  4. […] an original idea examples here, here and one that takes it to another level here, but this is my take on it. I loved this calendar […]

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