The Bucket List Bandwagon

I haven’t actually seen The Bucket List yet, but there seems to be some sort of trend stemming from this 2007 hit: people, young and old, have begun making their own bucket lists. I decided that this bandwagon was worth jumping onto. And it proved to be a pretty fun list to compile—you should try it sometime! So here it goes. This is my own bucket list (in no particular order).

1. solo with an orchestra

2. master photography

3. learn Mandarin Chinese

4. run a marathon

5. have a dog named “Kitty”

6. study abroad

7. go to Europe

8. write a math book

9. spin my own yarn

10. bake proficiently

11. go camping

12. buy a digital SLR camera

13. learn to dance

14. stop procrastination

15. be organized

16. take a car engine apart and put it back together

17. be a professor

18. grow a garden of orchids

19. put together a puppet show

20. watch Amelie without subtitles

21. go on trans-America roadtrip

22. learn to kayak

23. skydive

24. be computer-savvy

25. stand on an overpass, shout “I LOVE YOU!” at a crowd of people below, and observe their reactions.


~ by thechanster on 9:25 am, Sunday, June 29, 2008.

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