The Dole Plantation: The Garden (Part 2)

After the train tour at the Dole plantation, my family and I walked around the garden, taking photograph after photograph like good tourists.

The koi pond.

f/11, 1/125, 35mm


A papaya tree, possibly?

f/16, 1/125, 35mm

papaya tree?

A pretty pond with mini waterfalls. A slower shutter speed would have blurred the movement of the water a little better.

f/16, 1/60, 35mm

mini waterfall

It’d be wonderful to have a picnic at the Dole plantation.

f/11, 1/125, 35mm


One of the most wonderful aspects of Hawai’i are the beautiful flowers. I’ll upload pictures soon!


~ by thechanster on 10:35 pm, Saturday, July 19, 2008.

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