The Beauties of Beaver Creek

Avon is incredible. We went up to Beaver Creek today, which is a mere few minutes’ drive away from our timeshare apartment/room/shelter. We drove around the area, looked at lofts and houses (which were surprisingly affordable at 1.5 million or so… and by “affordable,” I mean relative to their size and elegance), and then parked our car in a parking garage (it’s FREE during the summer!!).

Once we got into the village and explored the area, we took the ski lift up the mountain and enjoyed a fantastic lunch at the top. We came back down in time to catch an appointment we had with one of the timeshare sales representatives. After a complementary poolside party that had to be moved inside due to rainy weather, we drove back up to Beaver Creek, walked around the beautiful village of off-season ski resorts. There was an outdoor ice rink, and I spent half an hour admiring the way the Rocky Mountains can keep it frozen in the middle of the summer. I tried to capture the laughter and excitement of the ice skaters, most of whom were tourists and young children, but I don’t know if they came out. I guess we’ll see when I get back into Tucson and get the film developed.

We tried to watch the sunset, but the mountains and the hotels blocked it from our view. So we settled for gelato at this little shoppe. It was delicious (and coming from me, that’s a huge compliment seeing as I am not usually a gelato-lover), and beautiful (pictures later!).

It’s only been a day and a half and I’ve exhausted nearly two rolls of film. We bought waterproof cameras for our whitewater rafting adventure in a couple days. I’m so excited for all of our excursions to come! I won’t have any pictures until I get back, but be assured that when I DO get back, picture-developing, picture-scanning, and picture-posting will be at the top of my agenda!


~ by thechanster on 9:38 pm, Monday, July 28, 2008.

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