Of Whitewater Rafting, Omelets, Ghost Towns, Coffee Cuppings, Gondolas, and Art Shows

I’m back from Colorado! And though it was a fantastic trip full of relaxation and adventures, I’m glad to be home. I got lazy after a couple days of recording each day’s worth of activities, and so all I can give now is an overview.

Wednesday morning we went to the Shoshone whitewater rafting spot in the Colorado River with Lakota Guides. The guides were well-trained and personable, and the rapids were absolutely incredible! The two-hour trip began with a few Class 3 rapids, followed by over an hour of mild cruising into increasingly beautiful landscapes. I nearly peed myself out of fright when we first got into the raft, but after the first rapid, my feelings changed completely. The last Class 3 rapid of our trip left me craving for more and convinced me to go for a more intense trip next time we go to Colorado.

Thursday morning we drove into Edwards again to give The French Press another go. It was disappointing. My dad said the French toast was dry and the bread was too thin, and my omelet was more of an egg-tortilla taco than anything else. Eww. Nevertheless, it kept our stomachs full as we headed towards a coffee tour at the Vail Mountain Coffee and Tea Company. In our travel booklet, the place was listed as being in Minturn, but there was no address. And so we drove into Minturn with hopes of just happening to run across it. As we entered Minturn, old buildings filled with empty shops lined the road. Occassionally, there would be an open restaurant that looked on the verge of closing down or a barbershop that could have been Sweeney Todd’s. This near-ghost town was not exactly my cup of tea. Furthermore, Vail Mountain and Tea Company was nowhere to be seen. In the end, we asked a young lady and she directed us towards the highway. It turns out the Vail Mountain and Tea Company is just off the highway before you get into Minturn (coming from Avon). We got our coffee tour (which was VERY interesting!! Who knew there was so much to coffee-bean-preparation and roasting?!?!) and even got to take part in a coffee cupping. We tried several coffees, of which I liked the Ecuador best. It was fantastic. That night we drove into Vail, went to the free jazz concert at Lionshead Village (It was really good!), and then rode the gondola (which is free at night on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays!). At the top, we took pictures and my digital camera took a great fall. We tried to put it together again, but it has died. =( It was only six months old. Luckily, I still have the Minolta. I guess I’ll be using film from now until when I get a new digital. And perhaps the absence of a digital camera in my life now may lead to the introduction of a digital SLR in the future!

Friday began with a 19-mile bike ride down Vail Pass. And it was only then, as we rode down curvy bike paths, that I realized that I hate biking downhill. Uphill, no problem. But when my fate relies on the battle between gravity and my breaks, then I am no happy camper. That night, we drove a couple miles to Beaver Creek, where it turns out that Friday nights are free-gondola-ride-nights, kid’s-activities-night, and full of all sorts of family fun. We rode the gondola up and watched the sunset (which was disappointingly mediocre).

Saturday was the first day of the Beaver Creek art show. Parking lots were exploding, and people from tourists to art critics were bustling about. Some of the art displays were absolutely incredible! There were sculptors, painters, photographers, artists of all sorts! Genius!

Sunday morning, we scrambled around trying to get all of our stuff back into our luggage. By 10 am exactly (the check-out time), we were all packed and ready to go. We loaded our bags into the back of the rental car and headed off for brunch. Now THIS place was amazing. It was called the Route 6 Cafe, had DELICIOUS omelets and french toast, and was definitely not a budget-buster. GENIUS!!!! And filled with that amazing meal, we headed off for Denver, and then back home.

We developed the five rolls of film I took just before our plane departed. I’ll share some with you guys once I pick out the best shots and scan them. But for now, I’m just trying to adjust to life at home, where there is too much to do and too little time to do it all!


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  1. Sounds like you had a great time in spite of some bad omelette’s. If you want to learn more about coffee you can check out my blog as I explore the world of roasting coffee. OK it is actually more like a stumble through the dark but I have some good links and fresh roasted coffee is becoming my obsession.

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