Of Friends and College

It’s the middle of August, and already some of my friends have left for college. And I say my goodbyes to them, wish them all the best, and hug them one last time before the end of the semester, I grow increasingly aware of the fact that this will be a new stage of life, a new chapter, a new adventure. My eyes are still dry, my throat still relaxed, and I fear that the reality of leaving home, friends, and all things that once were will hit me too late. How many friends do I have to watch board the plane to realize that I’ll be leaving too?

It’s true that we may see each other again on our trips home for Thanksgiving, for the winter holidays, for spring break. But will it really be the same? How will they change? How will I change? And how will that affect the way we are?

College changes so much of who we are, what we believe in, how we live our lives. How many friendships can withstand those changes?

Many of my friends have asked for address, made me promise to write to them, pinky-sweared to keep in touch. I fully intend on doing so. But how long can keep it up? Will there be a point in time when the relationship is so strained that nothing revive it? Will there come a letter that has been written solely for the sake of keeping a pact between once-friends?

I suppose that in losing friends, we gain others, and form new memories with them. I suppose that this is the price we pay for seeking college, for seeking experiences, for seeking life.


~ by thechanster on 11:06 pm, Tuesday, August 19, 2008.

2 Responses to “Of Friends and College”

  1. I definitely relate to this. I’m now going back for my sophomore year and have had a full-year to watch the effect of separating from your “norm”.

    I feel that the ones that didn’t change missed out on something. The change is part of it all, and those who keep the same are depressing to be around, but maybe that’s because I changed.

    The hardest thing to do is to come home though; it’s hard to feel comfortable sometimes, or to consider it home when there’s so much out there to find.

    Good luck, and don’t try to impress people with your drinking abilities. No one wants to be “that kid who puked in the common room”.


  2. Charlotte that was really rather depressing. Of course, I feel much the same way…We’re the only ones left, Char…it’s scary…and yet it still hasn’t hit me yet…I mean, I’m getting lonely already, but it’s kind of an idle loneliness. I can’t imagine not seeing you for a whole 4 months. I’m not coming back for Thanksgiving–it’s too far away, too short a break. I’m already missing everyone and it’s been what? a week since most people left? and it’s still got that air of unreality…it hasn’t sunk in yet. I’m going what? going where? It’s such a foreign idea to me. Alone. Strange place. Far away. Friends gone. And yet, I chose this…I hope I made the right choice…I think I made the right choice…but what will happen in those 4 months? what will happen in those 4 years?

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