Of Life and Objectives

When we write, what do we think about? What do we aim for? What do we want to show the world?

When we make music, what do we hear? What do we practice for? What is our goal?

When we photograph the world, what do we see? What do we shoot for? What do we want to achieve?

When we do math, what do we consider? What do we reason for? What do we prove?

And when we live, what runs through our minds and souls and veins? What do we want to squeeze out of our time on Earth? What life do we want to live?

What is our ultimate objective?

These are questions I have mulled over as I stare at the blank white ceiling before succumbing to the jaws of sleep. These are questions that have haunted me when I close my eyes and let reason fall away. These are questions that I face when I open my eyes in the morning to a thrice-snoozed alarm clock.

In a simple, dumbed-down way, I guess you could say that I strive for honesty and clarity when I write, and expression of my inner self. When I make music, I want to people to broaden their perspectives, listen to ideas, make people feel. Photography, at this point in time, is a mere hobby, but I hope that some day I will be able to let people see as I see, and show people that there are so many ways of looking at even the simplest of objects. An when I do math, I want to explore its elegance and beauty, to do it for the sake of doing it, to spread my love for it to others.

But what is most important to me, what defines the way I live my life, is not the fashion in which I write, make music, photograph, or do math. In my musings, I have concluded that to me, my ultimate objective is to be happy. To spread that happiness, to appreciate the world we live in, and to see beauty in the people and things around us. And that, I think, is my ultimate objective in life.


~ by thechanster on 10:32 pm, Wednesday, August 20, 2008.

3 Responses to “Of Life and Objectives”

  1. Good questions. Good thoughts. I find that encouraging others brings me the most happiness.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Charlotte, I haven’t commented on your blog in wayyyy too long…This post was really deep and well-written and honest. Good questions…Uplifting, although I also sensed a hint of melancholy, but perhaps that is also just me, because I am asking myself similar ones now that everyone is gone and I here sitting by myself, with more time on my hands than I really know what to do with. Then I just start thinking…and perhaps because I am wondering why I am here, now that I am alone, and what I want to do with my life…and I miss everyone and even you, altough I saw you yesterday…and we have to get together again soon…ok I should stop talking because I am getting lonely again, haha. Basically, deep, uplifting, well-written (as usual) and I loved it. the end. <3

  3. oh and btw the beginning part was almost like a poem…it established a rhythm and I really liked that

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