I got two rolls of film developed yesterday and then spent two hours scanning the best of the bunch. It was the biggest pain-in-the-ass ever, but I guess since I still have a good two weeks until my summer ends, I have time to spare. I changed the image header at the top of this blog. I like it. It was cropped from this picture.


I went hiking with a good friend of mine and although the colors of the sunrise did not match the vivid spectrum of sunsets, the way the light hit the mountain was so soft and beautiful.



~ by thechanster on 7:19 am, Tuesday, September 2, 2008.

3 Responses to “Dawn”

  1. Cool photos. I love the delicate color with film. What are you using to scan?

  2. Thank you! I love film, too. And I’m using a Canon MP210 to scan my photographs. It’s a scanner/printer/copier al-in-one type of thing. =)

  3. Hey Char!
    I too have been developing a lot of film lately but I don’t get prints made. Anywhere you go to have pictures developed will do ‘cd only.’ It’s a lot cheaper and a great alternative to scanning. And if you want the prints, it’s really easy to send them in online. Just thought you’d like to know.

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