The Apex of Procrastination

“Stop procrastinating” has been at the top of my new year’s resolutions since the eighth grade, when I started making such yearly lists. And yet now, as I “prepare” for college in a mere couple of weeks, I am still, well, procrastinating. I have not:

a) yet completely AlcoholEDU (which must be done by the 8th of September),
b) packed my dorm necessities (and I’m leaving in a week),
c) put all the pre-carpet boxes of stuff back in their appropriate locations (it’s been three weeks),
d) visited friends at the local state university despite my month-old promises to do so,
e) studied for the infamously difficult math class that awaits me (my brain has been vacation-ing for so long that I fear that it has deteriorated to half its original size),
f) read the three required summer reading books,
g) decided whether I’m going to audition for chamber music, the symphony, or neither (the audition is on the 22nd),
h) contacted my old violin teacher, which I’ve been meaning to do for over a month now,
i) written letters to any of my out-of-state friends, despite my promises to keep in touch by post,
j) returned board games to a friend who left them at my house at the beginning of August (but now she’s in Boston, so I guess I’ll have to wait until Winter Break),
k) lost the pre-college fifteen pounds that are inevitably going to be followed by freshman fifteen, which will then be followed by the holiday weight-gain hell,
l) etc.

In other words, I’ve been procrastinating. Yay. But really, this is ridiculous. I mean, it’s summer! What could I possibly be doing instead of doing any or all of the above? And if I’m already procrastinating now, then what am I going to do when school begins and I can no longer afford to spend so much time dilly-dallying my way through life?


~ by thechanster on 10:10 pm, Friday, September 5, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Apex of Procrastination”

  1. I really must post a comment – maybe tomorrow. :)

  2. A well-written post. I agree with you about the need to stop procrastination. You can find more help at This website also has plenty of easy ways you can use to stop procrastination.

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