Dormitories and Butterflies

I moved into the dormitories at 8 this morning, and after several busy hours of unpacking, organizing, bed reconstruction, exploring this extraordinarily large campus, and attending the beginning of what will be a week of orientation and socializing, I finally have a few minutes to myself. And to occupy myself during these few minutes, what do I choose to do? BLOG!

And so here I am, frantically typing as many words as I can in the sub-ten minutes that I have. We have a meeting with our dormmates and RAs. And then dinner. And then more socializing. And then sleep. Or maybe not. (But truth be said, I really should get a good night’s sleep tonight; I’m already getting sick and I fear the consequences such a premature illness would have on my social life.)

But today has been fun. I met several friends that I haven’t seen since we arrived on campus for a few days in April, when students and staff did all they could to convince us that this university was the right university for us. It’s been fabulous, and I am looking forward to four more years with these wonderful people.

I apologize for the haphazardness of this rushed-written post, but to make up for it (or maybe not), I’ll post a picture. It’s a little blurry, despite the fact that the shutter speed was 1/1000, the fastest my aged Minolta can go.

butterfly and flower



~ by thechanster on 5:46 pm, Tuesday, September 16, 2008.

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