I get up early and run four miles sometimes, and the last time I did, I got a rash on my inner thigh because of my dumb gym shorts.  I spend a lot of my time in a friend’s room, and I sit on her red beanbag all the time.  It’s like my own beanbag!  Problem sets are very fun, and the first one was a feel-good problem set.  I’m upset about my second problem set because I got 37 out of 40 points (OH NO!).  Sometimes I go to Late Night at one of the dining halls here at college, especially if I get hungry between the hours of 9 PM to 2 AM.  They have very yummy things there, like BOBA!!!!  GREEN TEAAA BOBA!!!!  The other night, I went to a concert – the Grand Central Duo Concert, where SCOTT ST. JOHN and Christopher Costanza performed together (they’re members of the St. Lawrence String Quartet).  It was SO AMAZING.  I almost cried because it was so beautiful!  Last weekend, I also went to San Francisco for a scavenger hunt planned for all freshmen.  It was great, minus the train ride.  I went to China town and bought GIANT strawberry pocky sticks and MANGO GUMMIES!!!!  The mango gummies are so good.  I also have gotten into this habit of writing like this: IAHGITHOWLT.  HAHAHA!  Try to figure THAT out!  Teehee.  What else have I done…I spend a lot of my time laughing and being incredibly bubbly.  I apparently laugh like a seal, according to my friend.  She also tells me that I look like a groundhog and a beaver.  And I walk like a penguin!  I guess I do…anyways.  Everyone here has been harping on me for enunciating all of my words.  Like “See you later!”  I say it like: “See you LAY-TUH!”  But slowly I think I’m converting into the normal way of speaking.  I don’t know if that’s good or bad!  My friends also scare me about 2892384793874 times a day because I get scared very easily.  Last night, my friend yelled “BOO” at 1:30 AM, and I basically screamed bloody murder.  I attempt to scare them back, but no, I just can’t!  My other friend yells “KEE KAWWW” instead, and he sounds like a bird when he scares me; it’s so funny.  

I am currently laughing like a seal in the hallway right outside my door.

My birthday is coming up!  It’s this Thursday, October 16, and I am FINALLY going to be eighteen! (:

This was a super duper scatterbrained and random stream-of-consciousness blog entry, but for now – TOODLES!!!


~ by thechanster on 8:04 pm, Friday, October 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “LaLaLa”

  1. OMG Charlotte you CAN’T convert to normal speech!!!! Don’t conform!!!!!!!! It’s like your signiature and everyone loves it! It’s refreshing too, since everyone normally slurs their words together and you have to ask for them to repeat things. Your clarity and precision is amazing and cute and quirky!!!!! Fight the power! Less than three

  2. HAHAHAHA!!!!! You’re so funny, Veronica! But no, I’m not conforming… this post was written by my friend Susie. :)

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