Clipboards and Dorm Rooms

I went to the bookstore about a week ago and bought a box of pushpins, paperclips, scotch tape, an RSVP pen, two erasers, and three (yes, three) clipboards. And I’m considering going back for more of the latter. Why, you ask? Well…

As of late, I have discovered that I have a tendency not to work at my desk, but on my roommate’s floor, on my friend’s beanbag, on the couches in the library, and on my snuggly, extra-long twin dorm bed. After five weeks of ending up in a pile of disordered loose leaf papers, I decided that enough was enough. Such is the reason why I went to the bookstore to get three clipboards. One for each class, I figured. One for my English research project, one for the readings and essays of my Civil War humanities class, and one for my weekly math problem set. But I don’t think that three is sufficient. What am I to do if I am writing a letter to a friend on the floor? Or editing college admissions essays on a beanbag? Am I to use one of the other clipboards, disrupting the distinctness of each one’s pre-assigned purpose?

I think not. And so I need more. One more for miscellaneous things. And then next quarter, when I up my workload, I may need to make another clip-board buying trip.

But forget about the future for now. I love my three clipboards. They’re hanging on my wall, each with a corresponding pushpin color, framed by notes that my friends have given me. I have room for one more clipboard in my line-up, but beyond that, I may have to do some re-organizing and re-taping.

My dorm room has, over these five weeks of school, gone from a bland space of white walls and plain, wooden funiture to a space that I can call my own. The top of my shelve is lined with birthday cards from a week and a half ago, the monotony of my walls is being broken by beautiful notes and colorful letters (sent by the post!), and even atop my printer sits two stuffed animals. Meet Bernie the Bear and Piper the Piglet. Birthday prezzies from friends!

And it seems that once again, I have written a blog post that jumps from one topic to another topic with no apparent transitions. Perhaps it is because my brain is so invested in my schoolwork that by the time I get to blogging, it has gone to sleep. Or maybe it is because I’m just blogging for the sake of blogging. Or I’ve gone spontaneously ADD.

I have to pee.


~ by thechanster on 11:33 am, Saturday, October 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “Clipboards and Dorm Rooms”

  1. Aren’t RSVP pens the best things you’ve ever written with?

  2. LOVE RSVP pens!!!!!!!

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