A NaNoWriMo Update: 1

So I decided, a few days ago, that I’m going to give NaNoWriMo a shot. Except that I haven’t had time to write since the second day. And even then, I didn’t write that much. I have 479 words. And have absolutely no idea where I’m taking this thing. Why is it that the moment I decide to do something “extra-curricular,” it starts raining problem sets, midterms, and essay deadlines?


~ by thechanster on 11:15 am, Wednesday, November 5, 2008.

One Response to “A NaNoWriMo Update: 1”

  1. Don’t give up. I started on the 1st and didn’t touch the story again until today. I found the 10-minute word sprints on the forums are a great way to jump start the day. Of course I offer this cliched advice having sat in front of the computer for about 30 minutes now finding all kinds of thing to do besides write.

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