Things I’m Thankful For

I am thankful for so many things. And so I figured I’d just make a list. But lists take up a lot of space. So I’ll smoosh it together ee cummings-style.


family; friends; academic opportunities; math (seriously. i love math. but then that sounded even more sarcastic. but i really do love math); emoticons; smiley faces; nerd jokes; blogs; nanowrimo (even though, by the looks of it, i won’t be finishing on time this year); xkcd; problem sets (one of which i was supposed to do by tomorrow but have yet to even begin); email; letters; telephones; college; word processors; music; ibuprofen; sunrises; sunsets; romantic comedies; love (cheesy and trite, i know. but i can’t help it… i’m a helpless romantic); poetry; yarn; rsvp fine-point pens; journals; sharpies; gmail; my beautiful, lovely, amazing roommate!; code names; bikes; good weather; home; film; laughter; violin; photography; knitting needles; crochet hooks; burt’s bees lip balm; naps; grass; trees; seasons; scarves; the color brown; pillows; white-out; life.


~ by thechanster on 12:42 pm, Thursday, November 27, 2008.

3 Responses to “Things I’m Thankful For”

  1. “thankful, thanks, thanksgiving, thanksgiving08, turkey”?
    are you serious?
    you have more tags than banksy :)

  2. XKCD is mah new favorite webcomic :D

  3. yay! i am thankful for charlotte chan!!

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