This is Home

As Saturday draws to a close, I am beginning to realize just how few hours are left before I board the plane back to school. This week has gone by unbelievably quickly, and as sit here, typing out a blog post while scanning film photographs into digital form, I am struck with a premature feeling of nostalgia. I already miss home.

When I go back to school, I will have to face the consequences of not actually doing any homework over the break, and with the taxiing of my plane will come a wave of panic that I have a project (and presentation) due this coming Wednesday, a concert that same day, 15-page final draft of a research paper due next Monday, a three-hour math final next Wednesday, and a three-hour history final (that will come complete with a timed write! What fun!). And in spite of all this school work, my uncle and aunt from Hong Kong are visiting and are making a trip to come see me. And my roommate and I planned a whole list of fantastic activities to do next week as celebration of the end of our first quarter as freshmen. We want to bake cookies, go shopping, do a photoshoot, make a fort in our room (out of down comforters, sheets, and blankets!), etc. Funny how our list of activities excludes actually studying.

Despite my excitement to go back, be productive, and see friends, this week of relaxing, eating home-cooked meals, and spending time with family has been glorious. And although I have still not gotten used to the feeling of tile beneath my bare feet, or the plushness of my carpet, or the largeness of my room, or the incredible comfort of my bed, there is an unmistakable feeling of home here. I am torn in a battle of contradicting desires: while I look forward to going back to college, the last thing I want to do is leave home.


My family and I went hiking a couple days after a rainfall. The desert is so beautiful.


~ by thechanster on 9:26 pm, Saturday, November 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “This is Home”

  1. I miss you! we never hung out while you were here :-(


  2. OMG gorgeous picture!

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