One Sentence

I have long struggled with concision of language. Overwhelmed with the wide variety of words, the beautiful sequences of phrases, and the ebb and flow of sentences, I have always over-saturated my writing with adverbs, adjectives, and superfluous (but pretty-sounding) descriptions. And then just now, when I was trying to procrastinate studying for my final tomorrow, I found this site while blog surfing: One Sentence. The site hosts one-sentence stories that people post to it, and the simplicity of the site is brilliant. You should read it. Here are a few of my favorite stories:

“She ended our three-and-a-half year relationship on New Year’s Day by telling me she never loved me, so I took back the engagement ring I had been carrying in my pocket and used the money to by a 55-inch plasma television.”

“I got married at 16 because I was pregnant, at 21 because I was rebounding, at 29 because I was in love, and at 45 because I was an idiot, but this time, at 56, I’m marrying for money.”

“After I tricked my little brother into eating a Jalapeno pepper for the first time, I told him eating another one would cancel out the spiciness of the first.”

“One of the joys of sleepwalking is spending my morning speculating what happened last night to cause me to wake up holding a teaspoon.”

“I was a teenager browsing in the public library when a homeless man told me I was the Messiah he had seen every night in his dreams.”

“My bestfriend really wanted a bob cut but her mother wouldn’t let her chop off her long locks, so I decided to help her out by sticking gum on her hair.”

“When I was a little girl, I used to feel bad for the sock I didn’t put on first, so I would tell it nice things and switch whether I put on my right sock or my left sock on daily.”

And here’s my own story of today:
I went to work today and only now, three hours after I left the dormitories, did I realize that I was wearing two different shoes.


~ by thechanster on 3:09 pm, Thursday, December 11, 2008.

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  1. This reminds me of Postsecret.

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