A Fall Photoshoot

As a study break last week, a few friends and I decided to have a photoshoot. We had two photographers and two models (we originally had three, but she slept in…). It was fantastic. I shot with my daddy’s Minolta and my friend shot with her Canon digital SLR (XT?) just as the sun was waking up. We climbed out of my window and onto the terrace, the cold wind whipping our faces and slapping our skin. It was so cold that part of the terrace had frozen over, and an abandoned flip flop was covered in ice.

flip flop



Half and hour later, our blood had nearly stopped flowing. Our hands were cold and wet, and had adopted a sickly shade of blue. So we decided to take a break and warm up before moving to a different location. We went up to the third floor, and after defrosting in the relative warmth of the hall, we went out to the interdorm bridge.

To finish up our brief photoshoot, we went down to the courtyard, where a plentiful pile of golden leaves lay at the base of a beautiful tree. As leaves showered down and laughter filled with air, it was undeniable that we had found what it meant to be Fall.


More photographs here.



~ by thechanster on 10:07 am, Wednesday, December 24, 2008.

3 Responses to “A Fall Photoshoot”

  1. this is beautiful. FroSoCo Fall Collection, anyone?

    also, merry christmas

  2. aww, thanks, daniel! hahaha… FroSoCo Fall Collection… maybe there will be a Spring Collection at the end of this next quarter! : ) and a happy christmas to you, too!

  3. my favorite is the one where they’re jumping in the leaves. i also like the first one where sierra is trampling through the bushes. nice job! :)

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