Happy Holidays!

I’ve always wondered… Why do we say Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy New Year, but Merry Christmas? What gives Christmas the special privilege of being preceded by a Merry? Personally, I think Happy Christmas sounds much better. To my ear, it has a jaunty, British sound to it. Happy Christmas. Mm, indeed. Anyway, the point is…

Happy Holidays!

[This was the only photo I could find that looked remotely Christmas-y.]



~ by thechanster on 10:00 pm, Thursday, December 25, 2008.

One Response to “Happy Holidays!”

  1. Well, we are American…when do we ever do anything like anyone else? Or even anything logical? Take our measurement system, for example. Anyway, it would be interesting to trace out the etymology of that phrase. Perhaps it can be traced to a particular story that became tradition? Like how some story described Santa as being a jolly, merry man? It has to have begun somewhere…

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