Longing for Lomography

On the way back from our Palm Springs vacation, we stopped in Scottsdale for a shopping spree. We went to Urban Outfitters, where my mom complained about the poor quality of clothing and I fell in love with the casual artsy feel of the store. But what really caught my eye was the fisheye camera.

Priced at $70, it was just enough to make me hesitate grabbing it right off the shelf. Could I really bring myself to pay for such a cheap, plastic camera? The construction of the camera is regrettably poor and it looks as if the slightest touch could crush it into a million pieces, but it has a fixed fisheye lens! It’s casual enough that people don’t cower at the sight of it, cheap enough that I’d take it on fancy-camera-endangering-ly adventurous trips, and artsy enough that it’d replace the fantastical disposable camera.

A good investment? I think so. After all, not only does it deliver artfully manipulated  and twistedly organic photographs, but after several rolls of film (about five, to be more precise), it’d be cheaper to buy this camera than to buy disposable cameras (since I prefer film to digital any day). But I’ll have to think about it. And then face the parentals.

I love cameras. I love fisheye. I love lomography.


~ by thechanster on 2:22 am, Tuesday, December 30, 2008.

4 Responses to “Longing for Lomography”

  1. Lomography is great ! I love it ! Also the beauty of these toy cameras is that they let you just be creative without the bother of camera controls (nice using basic at times). And yes agree they do produce artistic images !


  2. Not quit sure did you buy it?
    If no – give your self a late Christmas present.
    If yes – lets see the results :)

    Remember a camera, like a puppy dog, ism’t just for Christmas, but life :)

  3. I just bought the camera today!!! :) I’m so excited! I’m definitely going to post photos later. It should come in on Monday, so now, I just have to wait. Yay!

  4. Cool ! I look forward to seeing them ! :)


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