The Beauty of Lake Tahoe

It’s been over a week since my last blog post. I just got back from my dorm’s annual snow trip to Lake Tahoe. It was absolutely beautiful there. And now, as I sit in my dorm room, my suitcase already unpacked and stored away, I am beginning to appreciate the spaciousness of my dorm room.

For the last couple of nights, over a hundred college students were crammed into three cabins meant for no more than 60 people or so. The prized couch-turned-futons slept two while two friends and I cuddled into a queen-sized bed (we slept on it horizontally). Those with sleeping bags nabbed any (and all) free floor space, squeezing between beds, blocking hallways, and even taking up the landing at the top of the stairs. It was most certainly cozy, but in the morning, when people hustled and bustled about, getting ready to go skiing, the cabins transformed from sardine cans into whirlwinds of chaos.

When the buses had dropped off all the skiers (they headed off to Heavenly Ski Resort), the cabins were, once again, quiet. And, but for the piles of personal possessions strewn around in messy, widespread piles, it was at peace. Those of us who had stayed behind showered, cleaned what we could without violating our dormmates’s privacy, and then piled on layers and layers of clothing. At 11, when we had finally pulled on our jackets, snow pants, and boots, we trooped out to explore the area and headed off on a hike to see Lake Tahoe.

On the way, we stopped to write love notes to our dorm in the freshly fallen white, make snow angels, and take picture after picture of the beautiful, untainted landscape. I had packed two disposable cameras, my fisheye camera and eight rolls of film, and my digital point-and-shoot. Between the three cameras, I tried to capture the magnitude of the beauty of snow and pine trees, tried to capture the joy of friends exploring a foreign land together, tried to capture the little moments that make life so wonderful. I’m curious to see how the photographs came out, and I can’t wait to develop the rolls of artsy fartsy film produced by my new fisheye camera.

Until then, here are a couple photos I took on my digital point-and-shoot.

As we hiked towards the lake, our feet sunk into the snow with every step. The sun shone down on us and its warmth was surprising amidst the landscape of sub-25-degree weather.

Lake Tahoe

When we got to the lake, I was completely overcome by its beauty. It was peaceful, quiet, and there was nothing that could destroy the pristine, untouched elegance of its nature.

the lake was breathtaking

I want to come here again. And I want to see the 100-plus film photographs that are now hidden within the opaque Kodak rolls and disposable Fujifilm bodies.


~ by thechanster on 4:43 pm, Sunday, January 11, 2009.

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  1. it looks beautiful. this is a very peaceful post : )

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