WiFi for the Price of One Lukewarm Mocha

I’m sitting in a coffee shop right now, waiting for Longs Drugs to develop the six rolls of film that I had lazing around in their contained darkness. There was a sign outside that said there was free WiFi and so I decided to stop in and use the internet to pass an hour’s worth of time. I originally had to tutor a student at 4:30, which worked out well because I could simply pick up the film on my way back to school, but my student fell ill (perhaps the flu is going around?). So I was left with an hour to kill. In any case, I figured that I could get some work done, write the mini-essay I have due tomorrow, do the physics diagnostic pre-test, or begin doing the last of my three problem sets.

This little bakery cafe, Satura Cakes, seemed like a nice environment. Lit with cute little orange lights and lined with white walls and amber wood, it was the perfect ambience for a casual date or, in my case, an afternoon outing with myself. I felt too guilty to just sit down and steal WiFi, so I got myself a 12 oz. mocha, which is 12 ounces of caffeine more than I need. After all, I have a tendency to overreact to caffeine. Last time I had a mocha, four hours later, my hands were still shaking out of control and I couldn’t sit still. But if I must buy a mocha to get the WiFi, why not drink the mocha while I’m at it?

It’s a really pretty mocha, but I can’t say that it is particularly yummy. It’s a little lukewarm, which is normal if it’s been sitting out for an hour, but not if it’s just been served to you. Oh well. But really. It’s pretty. And they put it on a baby blue saucer, which perfectly complements the warm color tones of the rest of the cafe.


Speaking of pictures… For the last six months or so, I have been using the standard Flickr (you know… the free one). But after my last upload of pictures, Flickr informed me that I already had over 170 photos on my account and that only the most recent 200 would show up if  I continued with the standard (and free) Flickr. And so I decided to UPGRADE! So now, I have a Flickr PRO account, which is fantastic. I’m not really sure what the perks are, but I feel so… well… pro when I open up the webpage and see the little blue “pro” beside my photostream. Yay! :) So now, after I get the six rolls of film that I have currently developing in the drugstore down the street, I can upload as many photographs as I want all at once! Yay! But that also requires me to have enough time to upload it all. And with my 20-unit workload this quarter, I fear that I will never have enough time to even begin scanning them. Oh, goodness. Maybe I should really consider transitioning from the old-fashioned 35mm film to the high-tech digital stuff.

My mocha’s almost gone now, as is the miniscule amount of warmth that it came with. In half an hour, when I’m on my way back to school, I’ll be riding my bike like one of those Olympic cyclers. There will, after all, be much too much caffeine in my system for anyone’s own good.


~ by thechanster on 8:28 pm, Wednesday, January 14, 2009.

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