Rummaging through my top dresser drawer, I search for my socks.
There are green ones, purple ones, pink ones, patterned ones, and the list goes on.
As I determine which pair of socks to wear, I wonder – does it even matter?  People won’t really see my feet hidden in my shoes.  But nevertheless, it does matter!  Why DOES it matter?  I do not know.  It is a mystery.  An unsolved mystery.
Do the socks I wear determine what that day will be like?  When I wear mismatched socks (which I do quite often, me being the crazy silly girl I am), how does that affect how I feel, what I do, how I think on that one particular day? 

I am heading off to brunch now.  To eat scrumptious blueberry scones and omelets oozing with cheeeese.
Except they won’t have good omelets because we’re leaving so late for brunch (I am quite bitter about this).

So the next time you put on your socks, think about it.

[This was written by my friend Susie.]


~ by thechanster on 12:38 pm, Saturday, January 17, 2009.

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