Photographs and Memories

As I flipped through the dozens and dozens of photographs tucked into card stock pockets, my hopes for a beautifully natural, artsy lomographic shots disintegrated into oblivion. I expected objects and people to be distorted beyond recognition by the fisheye lens. I wanted to create photographs that would make you think and wonder. I wanted to take photographs that told a story. But what I got was a sequence of failed fisheye portraits, under-exposed landscapes, and even a picture where my suede-gloved fingers got in the way. Perhaps, I thought to myself, I should give up the art of casual photography and only use the trusty Minolta that has provided me with unparalleled vibrancy in color and clarity.

But in my disappointment, I failed to notice the jewels sandwiched between the trials and errors. Within the strings of bad photographs were a few decent shots. Of course, there’s always room for improvement, but as it is my first batch of fisheyes, I think that these, overall, turned out not so shabby. And regardless of the quality of the photographs, these are memories, preserved within 35mm negatives.


[FILM. Fisheye No. 2 camera. “Playing.”]

I’ll post more pictures later. But for now, it’s nearing 2:30 am and I’m exhausted. Good night! :)


~ by thechanster on 2:26 am, Monday, January 19, 2009.

3 Responses to “Photographs and Memories”

  1. but all your pictures do tell stories! maybe because you see them all the time and you know whatever mundane happening is behind them, but I don’t, and it makes it all the more interesting to look at a simple picture and go ‘wow. what’s going on there?’ if you have an ounce of imaginiation, every one of your pictures tells an amazing story.

  2. true, all pictures tell stories–even the failed ones, the black ones, the out-of-focus ones…because you can look back and laugh and say oh I remember what I was doing when I was trying to take a picture of that! And your pictures are gorgeous Char :) I still say you need to take a photography class if you can!

  3. whoops sorry I forgot I was signed in to thecornucopia…this is Veronica if you were wondering :)

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