Our Shoes Will Make Journeys Together

I have a midterm tonight at 7 pm. And then I’ll have two problem sets and a paper to write up by Friday. But by noon a couple days down the road, this week of stress will have officially ended. And even if the end of this week’s stress only gives way to next week’s stress, Friday afternoon will find me out and about in the beautiful weather that has replaced last week’s rainstorms. I can’t wait to lay down on the cool grass, the sunlight warming the skin on my face, white clouds and forget-me-not blue skies swallowing me whole. We’ll bike to the mall and buy a puzzle and perhaps even do a photoshoot. Maybe. We’ll laugh and eat non-dorm food and huddle in the comfort of our blanket-roofed forts. And we’ll make memories together, and photograph our smiles and tears. We won’t be studying, no. But we’ll be learning. About ourselves and each other, shoes making journeys together.


[Film. Fisheye No. 2]


~ by thechanster on 10:52 am, Wednesday, January 28, 2009.

One Response to “Our Shoes Will Make Journeys Together”

  1. I really like that picture! Except the legs look kind of weird at that angle…

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