Post-Final Musings

It is incredible how quickly this quarter has gone by. It seems as though it were only yesterday that I was coming back from winter break, giving bone-breaking hugs to my closest friends at school, making Target runs for necessities, and trying to contain my excitement for our dorm snow trip. But finals have been over for two days now, and I’m still in shock that already I’m on spring break. In a week or so, I’ll be back for another quarter, and a few months later, I will step out of my finals and no longer be a college freshman. I really can’t believe how quickly everything is going by.

It’s strange. Since trekking off to college, I feel like I am constantly in a state of missing something or someone. When I’m at school, I miss home. When I’m home, I miss school. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s just different.

I head home today. And I’ll get to see my family again. It will be wonderful to hang out with other friends who are on spring break, pay visits to those who just had their spring break, and catch up on the many happenings of college life. I’m excited. I miss the desert.

Also, this post is terrible. I think my brain is going through post-final hibernation.


~ by thechanster on 9:59 am, Friday, March 20, 2009.

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