Busy and Sleep-Deprived. Indeed.

These last few days have been a little bumpy. Characterized by sleep deprivation and a sudden bout of homesickness, I feel a bit overwhelmed with the amount of work that seems to keep piling up on my desk. Stacks of books, short stories, and lecture notes are just sitting there, waiting to be read, annotated, and analyzed. But it’s alright. Of the last 70 hours, I have only spent eight of them sleeping. Yay. And it won’t stop here. This weekend will be busy, too, packed with work to catch-up on and work to get ahead on. I guess it’ll be busy all the way until the end of the quarter. I feel like I’m sprinting a marathon. And I’m only on mile twelve.


~ by thechanster on 4:44 am, Thursday, April 30, 2009.

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