Summer Reading

I realized, towards the end of last quarter, that I actually really enjoy reading. For the last couple of years or so, I haven’t really read much of anything besides Richard Feynman’s “Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!” and Helen Fielding’s Bridget Jones’ Diary. Perhaps this literature drought was brought on by laziness, or perhaps by the fear of disliking a book, or perhaps a mixture of the two. Either way, I spent several years almost completely unenthusiastic about reading. But as my fiction workshop teacher assigned short story after short story, I realized that by stepping back from literature as a whole in fear of reading something unpleasurable, I was missing out from all the brilliant poetry anthologies, short story collections, and novels that I would have liked if I had only given them a chance. And so I was struck by a newfound excitement, one that drove me to purchase a (still growing) collection of books to keep me reading through the summer. So far, I have lined up (in no particular order):

City of Glass (Paul Auster)
Brooklyn Follies (Paul Auster)
Back in the World (Tobias Wolff)
The Yellow Wallpaper and Other Writings (Charlotte Perkins Gilman)
Ana Historic (Daphne Marlatt)
Dismantling the Hills (Michael McGriff)
Nineteen Minutes (Jodi Picoult)
Gilead (Marilynne Robinson)
The History of Love
 (Nicole Krauss)
Family Planning (Karan Mahajan)
Through the Looking Glass (Lewis Carroll) 

I’ve read Ana Historic one and a half times and am halfway through Gilead. I’m a bit of a slow reader. But I’m determined to get through all of these because I promised myself earlier today that I would stop buying books until I had read all the ones I had sitting on my desk. (I made an exception for the purchase of The History of Love, which I ordered off Amazon about 15 minutes ago… I swear I’ll keep my promise from now on.) So for now, my summer’s an infusion of super-humanities-ing. I haven’t thought about math since I turned in my math final a week ago (Whoa! It was only a week ago? It seems like so much longer than a week ago!), and I’m plenty entertained for now with my 1000-word-a-day writing quota (minimum quota, that is) and my current reading list. I can’t wait to finish this batch and go back to the used book store! :)


~ by thechanster on 7:56 pm, Wednesday, June 17, 2009.

One Response to “Summer Reading”

  1. writing 1000 words a day?! (wow, i should be more like you.) let us read them! *nudge* let’s get that writing blog set up.

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